Linux support

I’m posting this under how-to as I believe you’re not really targeting Linux at all. If anyone has a general overview of what’s needed for this to work under Linux, I’d appreciate it greatly if they could give me some pointers to start with.


Do you want to run the Fuse tools on Linux, or do you want to create apps for linux with Fuse?

Although I am not the origional poster, I would like to know if there is any way to run Fuse tools on Linux. Thank you.

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I would also be interested in developing on a linux machine - ubuntu to be more specific. Are there any plans to support this?

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Currently there aren’t any plans for this in the roadmap, unfortunately. We’ve got our hands full with supporting osx and windows already, and there would be a fair amount of porting work needed to give the same developer experience on linux.

Hi there, am into linux(ubuntu), new to fuse tools and from what i see i will love the experience but highly productive if there was tools for this platform



It appears fusetools are tightly coupled at least to the UI.

As much as I detest Windoze I would be willing to run windows 7 ultimate on vmware if fuse would work.

Any chance of this working on a virtual windows 7?