WhileScrolled Trigger

I’m seeing in the Triggers section in the documentation a trigger called WhileScrolled (https://www.fusetools.com/docs/fuse/triggers/trigger) but apparently this is not implemented and also when I click for info it throws a 404. Also it can’t compile

 E8001: Could not resolve type 'WhileScrolled'

Hi, I don’t see such a WhileScrolled trigger in the docs. Are you sure you don’t mean WhileScrollable?

I did make a mistake earlier today that temporarily put out some newer docs for things that aren’t available yet; perhaps that explains it.

Hi Jake, Yeah is not there now, I swear I saw it earlier :confused: Sorry for the inconvenience.

No worries. I’ve gone ahead and double-checked, it was indeed my error after all; this feature should be available in a future version of Fuse. So at least it’s not your eyes deceiving you :slight_smile: