WhileCompleted within video not working in android

Works on IOS
Doesn’t work on Android
Is this normal behaviour?

What the reason this isn’t working in Android but does work in IOS?

<Video ux:Name="splashLogo" File="assets/splash.mp4" IsLooping="false" AutoPlay="true">

There is no reason why this should be working on any platform, so it’s just a coincidence that it does on iOS.

Whatever is inside of the WhileCompleted trigger, gets added to the visual tree when that trigger evaluates to true. Because of that, it is not a good place to put arbitrary JavaScript in. Stuff that belongs there are generally visuals, and transforms (Change and similar).

You should rethink your approach and either use RaiseUserEvent or a Callback, or perhaps set the redirect to happen after a given amount of time in JavaScript by using setTimeout().

Hi Uldis,

Thanks for the right direction! I’ll let you know my solution soon.

I’ve fixed it with a simple setTimeout() function and works now perfectly on both platforms.