.where only works when the variable is exported

Fuse 1.5

Not quite sure if bug or intended behaviour, my .where returns null all the time unless I add it in module.exports.

	var Observable = require('FuseJS/Observable');

	var fruits = Observable(
	{ name: "Apple" , color: "red"    },
	{ name: "Lemon" , color: "yellow" },
	{ name: "Pear"  , color: "green"  },
	{ name: "Banana", color: "yellow" });

	var goodFruits = fruits.where({color: "yellow"});

	function search(){

	module.exports = {search}
		<Button Text="Search" Clicked="{search}" />

You will get null; add goodFruits in module.exports to get {"name":"Lemon","color":"yellow"}

This behavior is expected. The value of goodFruits derived observable is only calculated when it has a subscriber.
Read more about Subscribing to changes in Observables.