.where(function(e) not working

For some reason console.log and fruits.where is not run. Anyone know why? Fuse version: 0.33.0. Windows 10. Clicked filterFavorites is showing.

function filterFavorites () {
	console.log('Clicked filterFavorites');
	var fruits = Observable(
		    { name: "Apple" , color: "red"    },
		    { name: "Lemon" , color: "yellow" },
		    { name: "Pear"  , color: "green"  },
		    { name: "Banana", color: "yellow" });

	var goodFruits = fruits.where(function(e){
		    return e.color === "yellow";

where is a reactive function. These do not execute unless something has actually subscribed to their output value. This happens when you assing it to a variable in exports or do an explicit addSubscriber on the Observable.

That is, until something attempts to use the value of goodFruits that function will not be executed.