Observable.where not working in v0.36

Hi guys,
I have two combobox that contains countries and cities

<ComboBox  Options="{Clear countries}" Selected="{Clear favCountry}"/>
<ComboBox   Options="{Clear citiesObs.cities}" Selected="{Clear favCity}" />

When i select a country from the first combobox, the second combobox cities are updated automatically.
This works perfectly in the previous version using this code.

//locations is an observable  locations=Observable([{"country":"Afghanistan","cities":["Kabul","Achin",....]},{"country":"Ecuador","cities":["Quito","Guayaquil","Cuenca"...]}....]);
favCountry.onValueChanged(module,function(selectedValue) {
citiesObs.value=locations.where({country: selectedValue});

but in v0.36 this don’t work anymore .
I tried to replace citiesObs.value with citiesObs but it work only when the country is a string (for example “Afghanistan”) and not with the variable selectedValue.

favCountry.onValueChanged(module,function(selectedValue) {
citiesObs=locations.where({country: "Afghanistan"});


Its hard to debug from just these snippets of code. Can you please upload a complete project/repro case that demonstrates the regression between the two versions?

Also, please specify what version you were using prior to 0.36

I was using 0.35, this example contain all the cases.

I understand now, .where is no longer returning an observable, i tried with flatMap() and everything works perfectly :slight_smile: .

// favCountry is an observable, it contains the selected country
favCountry.onValueChanged(module,function(selectedValue) {
//citiesObs is an observable, it contains the filtered Item
citiesObs= favCountry.flatMap(function(x){
    return locations.where(function(item){
        return item.country === x ;