Where is and how to install "release" version of app on iPhone?

I’ve finished to build my first app for Android and I previewed it succesfully on my iPhone (using xCode and a El Capitan MacBook). I then built the “release” version for iOS, but as I’m not a iOS user I don’t know in what folder I should find the “app” file. Is it in build/iOS/Release/build/Release-iphoneos/ where there’s also the .dSYMfile?

Is it possible to install this “release” version on my iPhone? With Android was as easy as using the phone’s PC utility (HiSuite for Huawei for example).

Hey Enrico,

In folder build/iOs/Release run *.xcodeproj file. Xcode will open your project. Now you can build and run on your iOs device connected to the computer. To generate .dSYM file you will need Apple Developer account. Then in Xcode Product -> Archive. After that Archive screen appears. To view all archived builds go to Window -> Organizer. Choose build version you want to export and from this point, you can upload to App Store to test with TestFlight or just export .dSYM.

Hope this helps.