When i make an element draggable, it goes off from the screen.

When i make a rectangle draggable, it immediately goes invisible from screen. No error messages, nothing.

I am using version 0.27.1.
I am trying to replicate it in a small project but no luck so far.

It seems that, it is caused by bad configured point attractor. When i assign attractor values (especially “exclusive” parameter) from ux instead of binding them to js, everything is working as expected.


Yes, please keep in mind that JS is executed asynchronously in Fuse and cannot be relied on to provide default values for your UI (then the UI would have to hang and wait for your JS to execute, we don’t want that).

For high performance scenarios like physics, it is not desirable to let JS provide default values. Depending on your use case, you might have to write some Uno code to acheive what you want.