Collision Detection using a Draggable Element

I am trying to understand the Collision Class within Fuse Tools, and would like to know if it can be used for collision detection with a Draggable Element. If so, how do i use the Collision Class to enable the detection.

The collision class you’re referring to is an internal, low level Uno thing. If you’re after using it in UX code together with high-level <Draggable /> behaviour, then that simply won’t be possible.

Draggable has a Bounds property, and you can set the value of it to a ux:Name of another element, which should then act as the bounds for the behaviour (the draggable node will not be able to leave the bounds).

If this doesn’t help, you should start by explaining what it is that you want to achieve/make.

Thank you for the explanation Uldis, really enjoying the Fuse community and the clear responses found here.

The Bounds property will help with my next task so thank you.

I am trying to make an animated, reorderable drag and drop list. My thought process after looking at all the options was to use Collision to detect the positioning of the draggable element over the other elements within the list, and animate the positioning from there.

Oh, great! Looking forward to see what you come up with!

To make it work though, I suggest you also take a look at the new properties on Each: Reuse, Identity and IdentityKey (just shipped with 1.2). I’m fairly certain these will come in handy.

Heads up!

We now have a Drag to reorder example on the site.