Maintain scroll behavior on draggable elements


I’m trying to have the scroll event trigger in draggable elements that are locked on the X axis.
However the scroll doesn’t trigger if the click/tap event begins over the elements.
I’m attaching an example of what I’m trying to do.

            module.exports = {
                    items: [
                        {name: "lorem"},
                        {name: "ipsum"},
                        {name: "dolor"},
                        {name: "sit"},
                        {name: "amet"},
                        {name: "consectetur"},
                        {name: "adipisicing"},
                        {name: "magnam"},
                        {name: "tempore"},
                        {name: "praesentium"},
                        {name: "voluptates"}
            <Each Items="{items}">
                <Button Physics.IsPhysicsWorld="true">
                    <Rectangle Height="120" Color="#31a4ed" Margin="0,15,0,0" >
                        <Text Value="{name}"/>
                        <Draggable Axis="X"/>
                    <PointAttractor Radius="500" Strength="1000" Exclusive="True"/>
                    <PointAttractor Radius="500" Strength="2000" Exclusive="True" Offset="-500,0,0"/>
                    <PointAttractor Radius="500" Strength="2000" Exclusive="True" Offset="500,0,0"/>

Any ideas on how to do it?

Hi Eduardo,

we have finally gotten around to check how Draggable and ScrollView work together. An internal ticket has been raised and we’ll keep you posted when there’s some progress on it.