When Autocorrect is used in a TextView, losing focus does not fire ValueChanged


<Page ux:Class="SetDescription" ux:Name="self">
  <JavaScript File="SetDescription.js" />

  <Rectangle CornerRadius="5" Fill="#E0E0E0">
    <StackPanel Margin="20,5,20,5" ItemSpacing="50">
      <TextView FontSize="16" TextColor="#5D5E5E" ValueChanged="{descriptionChanged}" TextWrapping="Wrap" />
      <TextView FontSize="16" TextColor="#5D5E5E"  TextWrapping="Wrap" />



function descriptionChanged(obj) {
  console.log("SetDescription.descriptionChanged(): " + JSON.stringify(obj.value));

module.exports = {
  descriptionChanged:   descriptionChanged

Enter some text into the first text field until you’re prompted to autocorrect. Then select the second text field. ValueChanged will not fire on the first text field, however, the corrected text is updated in the view.

Tested in iOS only.

Thanks for reporting! Issue raised :slight_smile: