About TextChanged

We used it before, to detect the change of text and do function:

<TextInput Value="{titleInput}" TextChanged="function"/>

For the updated version, error occurs:

'TextInput' does not have a property called 'TextChanged' - ...

I tried to use ValueChanged but did not work. Could you give me some hints? Thanks.


TextChanged is renamed to ValueChanged.

Binding to Value on the TextInput is also a two-way binding now. titleInput will be automatically written to when the user changes the text. :slight_smile:

Hi! Thank you for reply. And I’d like to ask more. Is ValueChanged support an observable function?

I tried something like that:

<TextInput Value="{titleInput}" ValueChanged="{ObservableFunction}"/>


function ObservableFunction()
    debug_log ("HI");

but with error:

Exception: System.Exception: EventBinding: event must be a Fuse.NodeEvent


Thanks for reporting this. This was an unintended restriction. I’ve pushed a fix, will roll out in next release.