What happened to Fuse.Desktop.DesktopRootViewport?

I am using bolav’s fuse-modalview package and it causes a build error after upgrading from 1.2.1. Someone has posted a bug report in the repo but no one has responded yet.

It seems to me that DesktopRootViewport was deprecated & removed or moved but I can’t find any information on it in the docs or forums. Can someone tell me what it was replaced with? Or where in the api docs can I find information to continue debugging the issue?

— update:
It seems to work if I replace Fuse.Desktop.DesktopRootViewport with Fuse.RootViewport. Can anyone confirm if this is the right thing to do?

you have an answer about this, I have this error too.

Hey guys, it looks like someone has already proposed a solution. Go ahead and implement that fix locally before the PR gets merged.