What backend would be appropriate

So I have an idea for a social media app and the UI is pretty near complete; what’s left to do is the backend; now I was going to use syncano but I’m having troubles transpile the code; but then that got me thinking; what would be the appropriate backend that could hypothetical withhold large amounts of data and user interaction; does it matter? I was thinking to go with backendless, but I really don’t know too much about what service to use, especially for a social media, if someone could post any insight that would be great; I don’t mind learning or reading or watching a video, so don’t hesitate to link me to those. Also if this could be specific towards what fuse is currently capable of doing that would also be great!


Personally, I would code it using traditional backend tech (PHP + MYSQL), but that depends on what you’re capable of.

Another option is the current favorite, NodeJS… but it is not widely available on shared hosting services (you most likely need to get a cloud VPS or dedicated and manage it yourself) … again another reason for my going w/ PHP + MYSQL combo. It’s just so much easier to setup and cheaper too, yet it is highly scalable unless you see your Social Media network to be near the numbers of Facebook, then you might want to look at other more scalable tech.

Another option is CouchDB and PouchDB <-- now these two combined is really really amazing. I encourage you to look into it. Combining these two makes developing offline-first Apps a breeze.

Again, I can easily replicate the same effect with just a bit more code using local storage and Php+Mysql backend, and that’s what I would do because again, I am so comfortable w/ the latter and I can build it easy w/o needing to peek at the Docs every darn minute hehe

So I recommend you look at the 3 options and find which one you’re comfortable with.

> **Mojo wrote:** >

Another option is CouchDB and PouchDB <-- now these two combined is really really amazing. I encourage you to look into it. Combining these two makes developing offline-first Apps a breeze.

-> I know this was posted a long time ago, but does someone know if it is possible to use PouchDB in Fuse? My project’s requirement include being Offline First and PouchDB is the way to go I believe. I am open to other Offline First techniques with Fuse, if someone can recommend one…

Hi Mike,

in theory, PouchDB could of course be used with Fuse. However, as far as I can tell, their JS API relies on running in a browser or node.js environment, so it won’t work right out-of-the-box and some porting / coding would be required to make it work.

I’m not aware of any current efforts to port PouchDB JS API to Fuse, so if you’re up to the task you’re very welcome to start a community effort on that. I’m sure more people would join and that indeed would be a great community package.

Hi Uldis

Thanks for your reply, I will think about it…

Now, are you saying that currently there is nothing being done in order to build offline first apps with Fuse?

Hey Mike,

no, that is not what I’m saying. All I said was that I’m not aware of any efforts of making PouchDB work with Fuse.

As far as offline first goes, you have FileSystem API, sqlite package, fetch and XMLHttpRequest, Firebase and other things that could help you build what you need.

One of the best solutions with PouchDB and CouchDB is to use it with Hood.ie. Makes tasks a lot easier.

I just learned about FUSE this afternoon. I’m curious to know how much work or what is even involved moving PouchDB to FUSE? PouchDB works in NodeJS and in browsers. It should work in most any JS engine (especially a v8 JS engine).

I’m not familiar enough with how FUSE works yet to even make an attempt at how much work might be involved… but this threat certainly and peaked my interest! I love offline first!

In case anyone here is interested in mobile workforce development… I’m working at launching a program to teach HTML/CSS/JS folks to do mobile app dev. I think FUSE could be one of our offerings. If test cases work well, we’ll package it up and make available for other locations and on-site trainings.<<<<