Warnings when using preview

$ fuse preview -t=iOS Connected to fuse daemon Build started: FullCompile

Build stage changed: Parsing source code .# Parsing source code /Applications/Fuse.app/Contents/Simulator/Outracks.Simulator.Protocol/Outracks.Simulator.Protocol.Uno.unoproj: WUNKNOWN: Unable to save cache: Access to the path “/Applications/Fuse.app/Contents/Simulator/Outracks.Simulator.Protocol/.cache/AST49/methodgroup-8de6749a” is denied.

$ uno --version Uno 0.5.3127-OSX © Fusetools 2015

Vanilla install

Hi Bjørn-Olav,

Thanks for reporting!

Yeah, these warnings are known. We’ll get rid of them soon. In the meantime they shouldn’t cause any harm.

Let us know if this is a blocker for you!

No. Just thought I should report it.

Thanks for your quick reply.