Use of .Net core (C#) instead of Uno in future?


Is there a plan to use .Net core when CoreRT has released for ios and android and the compiler/transpiler from C# to C++ is ready?

Fusetools is very bespoke. I don’t think any of the .NET Core native/LLILC/LLVM can be reused for Fusetools.

It is a remote possibility, but we have no immediate plans to pursue that track.

Currenlty Uno deals with all our cross-platform needs, and we see little/no value in changing the runtime on Android/iOS. On desktop, we already target .net/mono.

If you see some great benefits of using .Net core on Android/iOS we’d love to hear about it.


(?) pros for .Net core:

  • complete C# syntax and all features for free (up to date with new versions)
  • the standard way
  • .Net core + UnoLib
  • footprint of CoreRT < UnoRuntime

(?) cons for .Net core:

  • extern dependencies
  • footprint of CoreRT > UnoRuntime
  • Uno compiles to C++ and other languages
  • UnoCore better interop