Angular2 and firebase (Web) support planned for soon?

Hi guys, Did you planned to support firebase(Web) and angular2 soon? As an ex ionic dev it will be pretty much cool to have those things to develop apps and the transition between ionic platform and fuse will be more easy for us.


Angular 2 integration is pretty good now, but still in closed beta with just a few testers. No promises on release date though, but soon :slight_smile:

Firebase should also work, I’ve seen some examples of that already, but we don’t have an officila integration yet.

Hi anders. Yes Firebase works but only when you use it in a rest way with fetch. i was talking about using it like we use parse in fuse, Integrating the js etc. For example i want to build an app with firebase and geofire right now, using fetch method i can maybe get the firebase part running but geofire i don’t even know how can i get it working without using the js wrapper. I will wait for the release but in the meantime if we can get how to integrated firebase with all his querys even with fetch, and also the same for geofire it would be great for us.


We are working on underlying features that is missing to get there. We really want Firebase to work aswell.

firebase last update changed pretty much evertyhing, its now working pretty much like Parse with initialisation etc. maybe it would be easier to work with the new sdk.

keep up the good work guys


Thanks for the tip! :slight_smile:

I think that Angular 2 is awesome but I also think that a lot of people are really missing the point of the UX markup. The advantage of building custom designs, screen transitions and animations in a declarative way is outstanding. If you follow the tutorials and read the docs, sky is the limit. I really hope that the Fuse team doesn’t reject the UX markup in the future in order to give more focus in become another “Angular 2 framework for mobile”.

Hi Carlos,

We very much agree with your view on UX! There’s no way we’re ditching this, as it is a core feature of Fuse, which we really think sets us appart.

What we’re doing with Angular 2 is simply making sure you can have your business logic in Angular, and your UI in UX markup, just as you do today with plain JavaScript and UX. This is very useful for people who want to share their Angular business logic between web and apps, but don’t want a hybrid html app. It can also be a good way of organising your JavaScript even if you just use it for the app.

Also rest assured that Angular 2 won’t be mandatory, it’s just a framework that you can choose to integrate with if you want. We will still focus on making the UX + plain JavaScript with Observables experience as good as possible.

Hi, Anders. Thanks for the answer.

If this is the path Fuse will follow with Angular, it’s ok for me. This will only make Fuse even better than the other tools. I’m making my app with Fuse and I can say that your tool is uncomparable! No other tool can match nowadays. I really like what guys from Ionic2 and Nativescript are doing, because they are pushing mobile development environment forward. But, in my humble opinion, Fuse is one of the most impressive things I’ve put my hands on in a while. By far.

Kudos to Ionic2 and Nativescript. They are really amazing tools in their niche. I’m even in the process of writing a book about Ionic2 here in Brazil, because they have a huge audience here. But I have no doubt that Fuse will take the world by storm in a near future. I can say this just by looking at how awesome (ok, I’m biased) my app is becoming.

If Fuse embrace Angular and ES6 it will be a glorious move to success. But UX + JS Observables still makes me cry (in a really good sense) :smiley:

I agree with carlos when he say that fusetool is uncomparable , i developed some apps with the new ionic version (ionic2) , i also tried nativescript, but as a creative person i wanted something that let me create what i see on dribbble/materialup or something that i imagine easily, Fuse UX markup is just amazing for doin that and its pretty easy to learn.

Doing fuse apps with javascript ES5 its not a problem, i was just asking for an alternative as a lot of people is using angular for doin mobile app.

about firebase and backend, my personal feelings was, wooo i can build beautiful apps , but how about to connect them with a backend , parse is closing and firebase is not working, this is maybe something who can stop someone but…

I just discovered recently that i can use parse even if its closing , just need to migrate all my stuff to my own server or use aws etc. i also discovered , who lets u create new parse app , with the same ability that parse was doin it (you continue to use parse.js etc) working great with fuse. if I had known this, I would not have asked this question.

Fuse is magic =)

Thank you for those kind words guys, it really means a lot!

Hello guys!, I’ve just started with Fuse and so far it’s awesome all the performance you get in both iOS and Android!.

I’m currently building a mobile app based on NativeScript, Angular2 and Firebase. And now, after playing with Fuse, I really like it and want to use it for my upcoming projects and was wondering if you already have a way to work together with ng2 and typescript, I did find this repo though, but it’s a bit old:



The fuse-ng2 integration exists as a community project but is not yet in a productized state. Join #ngux on our Slack community to be kept in the loop.

That’s great!, thanks.

guys i am having some problems to run a template on my android device

(unknown): E0200: Android build failed
?: Error E0200: Android build failed .

?: Error F0001: Looks like Android is not installed. Please run ‘fuse install android’ first.
Build ended
fuse: Failed to compile project

after running running fuse install android the error it is happening any help ?

Harris, has this got anything to do with Angular2 and Firebase, which this thread is about? If not, please start a new thread. Also include information about your OS version, Fuse version and what command you’re running which fails. Please try to see if you can reproduce it with an empty app created with fuse create app too.