Upload Parse Image

Hi, In my app I upload files with the version 1.5 of parse Js SDk. But now is not working with version 1.6.14. I migrated my app to my own server and mount a Parse-Server because Parse is shutting down. My app with the newest Parse SDK work fine but I can’t upload images! I don’t know if Fuse is not compatible with this specific function of new Parse SDK that manage files.

This is the function that i’m using:

Camera.takePicture({ targetWidth: 320, targetHeight: 320, correctOrientation: true}).then(function(file)
    module.exports.imageFile.value = file;
      var parseFile = new Parse.File(file.name, file);
      parseFile.save().then(function() {
              var currentUser = Parse.User.current();
              currentUser.set("imagen", parseFile);
            currentUser.save().then(function() {
                  imageFile.value = currentUser.get("imagen").url();
    }, function(error) {
      // I get this error with out logs!!!!

This is the new version of the Parse SDK: https://parse.com/downloads/javascript/parse-1.6.14.js

And this is the old version that work (But I need the new to run in my own server): https://parse.com/downloads/javascript/parse-1.5.0.js

Anyone knows if its posible to solve this?


A solution to the problem was this: https://www.fusetools.com/community/forums/howto_discussions/convert_a_picture_taken_with_the_camera_to_a_base6?page=1