Upload image to Parse

Hi I’m trying to take a picture and store it in Parse. My code is:

function UploadPhoto(){
    Camera.takePicture({ targetWidth: 640, targetHeight: 360, correctOrientation: true}).then(function(file)
    module.exports.imageFile.value = file;
      var newFoto = new ParseFotos();
      var parseFile = new Parse.File(file.name, file);
      parseFile.save({success: function(results){
              idFoto = results.id;
              newFoto.set("Foto", parseFile);
          }, error: function(){

When I take the photo the app show the image but in parse the file is empty… In previous version of Fuse this work fine. (Now I’m working with 0.8.4)


Did you find a solution to this? I’m having the same issue.


We’ll give this a look now. Jørgen - is this still a problem in the latest version?

Jep, On the phone I can see the actual image is stored, I have however not done any tests (yet) on the file object itself, except that it contains the correct image name. On Parse this is saved: http://files.parsetfss.com/7b5c8fad-8f0a-4344-b0e8-b1719db0850d/tfss-51e8e551-ebad-4221-b863-08cb9468fbc6-JPEG_2_1174037846.jpg

which is completely empty.