Update docs

Just started learning fuse about 6 hours ago… love it, love it, looooove it.

Now, on downloading the background.jpg for the quickstart tutorial, the jpg didn’t show up…
So naturaly, I decided to look at the monitor and this is what I got:

So in the Navigating and Routing tutorial, it would be best to change the Default Template="home" to DefaultPath="home"

An in the Tweak look and feel tutorial, under change background image, by default (when you right click > open in new tab ) it opens the webp edition of the background image.

Which i think is caused by the structure of the html:

Simpler to provide some sort of warning that if the img doesn’t load just convert to jpg… or maybe reposition the source and img tags up there ( dunno if that will fix it )

Otherwise, can’t wait to finish the tuts and tear apart the docs… :slight_smile:

Just some other not so critical typo in the Tweaking look and feel tutorial in the Change background image section

EDIT: grammar

Thanks for pointing this out. Our docs team will fix this asap!

The JPEG “issue” is actually that our new web front-end serves optimised images to each browser, and if you’re getting WEBP you’re using Chrome or another modern browser, which is good. :slight_smile: The downside is that this part of the doc had a hard-coded link to an older version of our website which used JPEG images for every client.

So that’s why it happens, but it still needs to be updated of course – I just wanted to give you some background on it :slight_smile: