Uno error E3132 Expression is <Namespace> but is used as a type

A text component is giving me errors.
I get the following error:
Error E3132: Expression is <Namespace> but is used as a type.

The directory of each of the files that the error is reported from takes the following structure /build/Local/Designer/cache/ux11/[name of file]

Each line that causes the error corresponds to a ux:Name I have set in UX markup. I use the ux:Names to be able to use the change trigger.
internal global::myComponent myUXName

All of the problems reference back to the same component, the component is a subclass of the text component. e.g. <Text ux:Class="myComponent" Font="MyFont" />

In my ux files I have things set up as follows:

<myComponent ux:Name="someName" Value="some text" /> 
<Change someName.Visibility="Collapsed" />

or something similar, and it appears that every time I have one of these for this particular component, it causes an error.

I have never had this problem before and occurred after I did a rebuild.
I rolled back commits to see if the problem still existed and it does. I tried uno clean and then rebuild, still had the same issue. Also installed fuse over again. Same issue.

Fuse version 1.2.1 on Desktop Preview
macOS 10.12.6

Hi Zia,

we will need to see the actual code that is causing the issue. You might be hitting some reserved names, or using custom characters in class names that are not allowed.

If the code is sensitive, you can share it with us here.

Hey Uldis sorry for the late reply.
The issue was caused due to a namespacing issue. I had UX components that were named “app.component.thing.thing” that caused this issue, remove the periods fixed the problem.