Universal Links Support?

I was wondering if Fuse supports Universal Links? i.e. being able to deep link into a specific route in the app when opening a URL from elsewhere in iOS.

We don’t have a package for Universal Links yet (Which can work even if you app isnt installed). But our InterApp support will allow you to do most of what you asked for (and it works on android too).

It lets you set a url scheme that we visited will open your app. So say you make it Ben:// then if someone calls Ben://signin-page your app will be launched (if closed) and the message signin-page will be delivered to your JS. This let’s you take control of exactly how that will be handled.

This is from our docs here:


Specifies an URI scheme that can be used to launch your app.

For instance, setting “UriScheme”: “abcd” will make your app launch when an abcd:// URI is launched.

	"Mobile": {
		"UriScheme": "abcd"

I hope this helps :slight_smile: