LaunchUri not working since 1.8

Fuse Version 1.8.1,
macOS High Sierra 10.13.3,
Tested on Android 7.0

Hi Fuse Team,

since Version 1.8.1 LaunchUri is not working in my code.

i tried with (Nothing happens here):

<LaunchUri Uri="tel:012345678" />

and also with (App crashed with InterApp):

var InterApp = require("FuseJS/InterApp");

exports.launchUri = function(e) {

I did “uno clean” and a fresh rebuild. few days ago it was working as exprected, not sure if the problem depends on the latest patch (1.8), but today i realized that it is not working.

the only setting i added to the .unoproj file was:

"Mobile": {
    "UriScheme": "myappname"

But i think this could not be the problem?!

Thx Tom


I created issue ticket.

Thank you Arturs, appreciate!

Best ,


I may confirm that LaunchUri with tel: does not work with Fusetools 1.8.1

<LaunchUri Uri="tel:012345678" />

This should have been fixed in 1.8.2. Thanks for reporting!

Confirmed. <LaunchURI Uri="tel:xxxx" /> has been fixed in version 1.8.2