Unable to install Sublime Fuse plugin

Unable to install Sublime Fuse plugin, it doesn’t work from the GUI or the command line.

After some troubleshooting I can see from Modules\SublimePlugin\install.bat that it’s trying to get the plugin from https://go.fusetools.com/latest-sublime-plugin-2, this redirects to https://az664292.vo.msecnd.net/files/4TgagpDXEMzY2rVQ-FuseSublimePlugin.zip - This site is unreachable for me. I have tried several computers in different networks (home and work), all I get is " 502 - Bad Gateway".

Is it possible to get this file some other way? :expressionless:

Here is a screenshot from browsing to the URL and the file that fuse plugin installation “downloads” (the error page…)


Here’s the file:

4TgagpDXEMzY2rVQ-FuseSublimePlugin.zip (32.5 KB)

I’ll have a look in the installation source to see where we can move this to.

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Awesome, thanks @aeq!

I’ve got the ball rollin: https://github.com/fuse-open/fuse-studio/pull/24

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