'uBase/Config.h' file not found

Run fuse preview -tiOS and get the error in Xcode(the same with whole new Fuse project).

I’ve tried uno cleanrun uninstall_fuse.sh & reinstall fusereinstall the fuse 0.27… all not working.

Like the answers in old thread said: maybe it’s the dependencies downloading problem, but how can i make fuse reinstalling the dependencies after fuse preview -tiOS?

What’s more, uno build is ok, only the fuse preview -tiOS is bad now.

Fuse version: 0.27.1 (build 7935)

OS X version: 10.12

Xcode version: 8

It works now.

What i’ve did:

  • uninstall fuse by run uninstall_fuse.sh and UninstallPKG App
  • install fuse 0.27.1, run uno clean in my project
  • run fuse preview -tiOS then the dependencies are reinstalling.