Typescript with fuse

Sorry if I’m duplicating this question, but search results for typescript support weren’t clear. Is it possible to use typescript instead of javascript with fuse?

Also, is it possible to invoke JS function from WhileTrue trigger by passing parameters to a JS function? passed parameter could be current element/observable of a list to check something


Good question!

There’s currently no built-in support for Typescript in Fuse, but you could probably get something working without too much work by compiling to JS before handing the code to Fuse. Some of our users have had some success using F# with Fuse by compiling it to JS using Fable. See this. I’d imagine the approach would be similar for Typescript.

Hope that helps!

I don’t know Typescript, but for CoffeeScript you can just have coffee -w running in the background, and it will auto-compile your CoffeeScript to JS whenever you make changes to your CoffeeScript files. This plays nicely with the live reload feature in Fuse, which will pick up the changed JS instantly. Example: https://twitter.com/knatten/status/665278289880174592

Maybe there’s something similar that you can use for Typescript?