Two mistakes hikr app docs

First off all thanks a lot of this tutorial, very help full. I found a few small mistakes, nothing mayor, just to let you know.

look-and-feel page:

hikr.TextView.ux component: ux:Class=”hikr.TextView” missing in the code.


MainView.ux code: router=“router” is already added right from the start for <SplashPage ux:Template=“splash”

Following the flow of the tutorial, this should probably deleted it here. (Or alternatively: add the router dependency at the SplashPage.ux from the start)


Hi Wilfred!

Thanks for the heads-up. I’ll fix those issues ASAP. Glad you like the tutorial! :slight_smile:

Welcome Jake! “big thumps up”

You guys are doing an amazing job!

Thanks again :smiley: