hikr tutorial - chapter 3 ("Splitting up components") discussion

The 3rd chapter of our hikr tutorial is out! This was a big one :slight_smile:

Check it out and if you guys have any questions/comments/feedback, feel free to drop it here. Thanks!

Ok, I’m having big troubles with Chapter 3. I’m following the explanations and writing my code and everything works, but then on Chapter 3 something went wrong and now the app doesn’t work. I get error messages in the console. I tried to copy the content of the files and replace it with the code from the examples: nothing. I tried to download and replace the chapter files: nothing. Can’t figure out what went wrong. I get this error:

/Users/furio/Fuse/hikr/MainView.ux(4,1): Error : Data type not found: HomePage/Users/furio/Fuse/hikr/MainView.ux(4,1): Error : Could not resolve type ‘HomePage’/Users/furio/Fuse/hikr/MainView.ux(5,1): Error : Data type not found: EditHikePage/Users/furio/Fuse/hikr/MainView.ux(5,1): Error : Could not resolve type ‘EditHikePage’?: Error : The given key was not present in the dictionary

Can somebody help me?