Top Navigation in Grid - Layout position

Hey there!
I have a Top-Bar Navigation and it works like a charm…but I use it in a grid with 4 columns. but the width of the top-bar is more than the screen-width.
Now I want to change the position of the grid by clicking an item. I have a rectangle below the Labels and they change like they have to.
Can Anyone help? (there is a Screenshot of the Menu)

This is my Grid:
<Grid ux:Name="tabGrid" ContentAlignment="HorizontalCenter" Dock="Top" Height="80" Columns="auto,auto,auto,auto" Background="#bdc3c7">


Hi treviz,
it looks like you could put your top-bar inside of a <ScrollView AllowedScrollDirections="Horizontal">, and have the tabs inside of a <StackPanel Orientation="Horizontal">. Then, when a tab is clicked, or a given page is activated, you could call a <BringIntoView /> on the particular tab - this would scroll the scrollview so that the item moves in view.

Hope this helps!