Toggling Display with WhileValue when it's "1" 0r "0"

Please how do i use WhileValue to toggle my UX component based on a string value of 1 or 0.

Thank you.

WhileString perhaps?

Thanks immensely. Please can you kindly give me a skeleton code of how this works?


    <Panel ux:Class="WhileStringTest" TheString="123">
        <string ux:Property="TheString" />
        <Text ux:Name="someText" Value="Neither 0 nor 1" />
        <WhileString Value="{ReadProperty TheString}" Equals="1">
            <Change someText.Value="totally one!" />
        <WhileString Value="{ReadProperty TheString}" Equals="0">
            <Change someText.Value="very much a zero" />

    <StackPanel Alignment="Top">
        <WhileStringTest />
        <WhileStringTest TheString="1" />
        <WhileStringTest TheString="0" />

Uldis you are great! Thanks immensely. I really appreciate