Setting and using custom ux:Property value in a custom ux:Class


I created a small enclosure to customize a TextInput with some animations, behaviors, etc… The issue I’m facing is that I create a ux:Property where I need to change the value from inside the custom ux:Class and access its value to perform some animations and changes on UI based on it.

In this case I need a property in my component telling if there’s text in a TextInput and using it to activate a button.

<TextInput ux:Class="nField" >
    <bool ux:Property="ContainsText" />
        <Set Target="this.ContainsText" Value="true" />

<nField ux:Name="field" />
<WhileTrue Value="{field.ContainsText}">
    <!-- Do Something -->

For some reason, I’m unable to test if the value of nField.ContainsText is being altered… as the WhileTrue is not triggered… I don’t understand if the issue is that I’m not setting the value properly with the or if the is not reading it… is there anything like a binding or something that should be used?

I’ve also tried to do the , with no success, like this:

    <Set this.ContainsText="true" />

Any clue on how to do this from UX Markup?

Thank you,

Add Property to {field.ContainsText} like so {Property field.ContainsText} if not it’ll think its an exported value from JavaScript