We combined the json (HTTP Request) and the pulledtorefresh samples. I lookes like that the animations and transitions and the http request are running on the same thread, the main thread?! The spinning of the cogs stops for the http request period. That’s not hte case when running the pulledtorefresh sample: here a simple time out simulates the refresh.

Is there a way to let the wheels spinning during a http request?

I will investigate this. Http is supposed to run on a separate thread.

Could you tell me the name of the platform you noticed this?

The PoC we created is running in the iphone device simulator on OSX.

To be precise it also can be the changing of Observable data and the following layout changes in then stackpanel. But this will also be an unwanted scenario. Freezing is allways a poor user experience…

Can someone point me to some threading samples or docs on Threading? I haven’t found any. Thanks