Pull to Reload Jumping

I am trying to get a pull-to-reload similar to an Android style pull-to-reload. Working from the example, I have gotten it close but there is some odd jumping behavior in the animation. I can also recreate the jumping using the example and changing one line. Can someone tell me why this is happening and possible workarounds?

My Example:

Pull-To-Reload Example:

From my code using Y translation instead of panel height:

<WhileTrue ux:Name="retainSpace">
	<Change loadingCircleTranslation.Y="0" Duration="0" DurationBack="0.3" Easing="QuadraticInOut" />
<ScrollingAnimation Range="SnapMin">
    <Change loadingCircleTranslation.Y="25"/> //Some extra room past 0 so it can snap back into place
	<Change loadingCircle.LengthAngleDegrees="180"/>
	<Change loadingCircleRotation.Degrees="400"/>

To replicate in pull to reload example:

<WhileTrue ux:Name="retainSpace">
	<!-- <Change cogPanel.MinHeight="75" Duration="0" DurationBack="0.3" Easing="CircularIn" /> -->
	<Change cogPanel.Height="75" Duration="0" DurationBack="0.3" Easing="CircularIn" />


That line you commented out was probably there for a reason.

We have a lot of ScrollView improvements planned that will change how you build pull to reload-animations (and other fun stuff) in the future, so debugging weirdness around this old example is not a current priority.

Hello! I have also implemented a pull-to-reload operation that I would like to customize; however, have not found much in the way of options documentation - specifically in the Range settings for the ScrollingAnimation class. I’m assuming from the documentation, this is where I would define my customizations. https://www.fusetools.com/docs/fuse/triggers/scrollinganimation/range

I have experimented with the different settings and frankly have no idea what the differences are. Have the improvements mentioned above been implemented? Is the example still relevant (it appears to be the same example)? I would like to be able to control the “PulledPastThreshold” limit, but also didn’t find much in the documentation about this option binding. https://www.fusetools.com/docs/fuse/triggers/pulltoreload/pulledpastthreshold

@Darrin: would you please explain what it is that you want to customise? And perhaps show us some code of what you have tried so far?

Preferably, in a new forum post as a complete, minimal, ready-to-run single-UX-file app.

Hello @Uldis, I watched Mortoray’s Twitch show just now and it was a great opportunity to ask him some questions about pull-to-reload. I will create a new post with my code and some of the answers Edaqa provided (maybe it will serve as an example to help someone else as well).

(update) I started a new thread here.