I would like to watch PullToReload states continiusly

Is it possible to continuously monitor changes in the PulledPastThreshold or Pulling state with some progress (may be Height of panel or scrolling position)? This solution trigger callback function “updateState” only once:

<PullToReload IsLoading="{isLoading}" ReloadHandler="{reloadHandler}">
    <State ux:Binding="Pulling">
        <!-- animate elements while pulling here -->
    <State ux:Binding="PulledPastThreshold">
        <Callback Handler="{updateState}"/>

I tried ScrollPositionChanged in ScrollView as well, but unfortunately it doen’t return any arguments in current release

Take a look at this example: https://www.fusetools.com/examples/pull-to-reload

I found solution in this thread https://www.fusetools.com/community/forums/general/how_can_i_get_the_scroll_property_like_contentoffs?page=1&highlight=6d51433a-b09a-4f9a-b70e-aa1a2eef2a07#post-6d51433a-b09a-4f9a-b70e-aa1a2eef2a07