The nfuse NPM-helper can't handle updated NPM-packages

fuse 0.25.1


I have a bug report for nfuse. The internal requires in a package can get messed up if one does an npm update without also removing NPM-Packages and (possibly) build. Steps to reproduce:

1 Download and unpack the project I am supplying

2 Run the project:

$ npm install
$ nfuse
$ fuse preview
// Fails when running

3 Change version of isomorphic-date in package.json to 0.1.2

4 Update and rerun:

$ npm update isomorphic-date
$ uno clean
$ fuse preview
// Fails again

5 Now remove the generated directories and retry

$ rm -r NPM-Packages
$ rm -r build
$ nfuse
$ fuse preview
// Success, the console outputs todays date

So I suggest that nfuse removes NPM-Packages when a version update is detected and possibly also removes the build directory


So nfuse is actually not maintained by fuse as a whole, but rather my own personal project. The best thing you can do when you encounter problems with nfuse is to add issues to that project’s issue tracker:

As for your problem, the quickest way to fix it right now is to run nfuse with the -f flag which forces a complete rebuild.