npm package support would be great

Would be great to npm package support.


npm install parse --safe

I am pretty new to fuse. So I have no idea if this is possible.

I have started on supporting npm in fuse:

It’s just an idea for now, and not working at all with anything. But I have made it working with for instance with just some small modifications.

This is a great idea, I’d love to mess around with it. I got the loadmodules.js script to run but am uncertain how to incorporate the results into my app. Here’s what I’ve done:

  • Cloned fuse-npm into my app dir
  • Inside app/fuse-npm/ I ran node loadmodules.js package

This generates lots of files inside app/fuse-npm/fusejs_lib/

I tried including a resulting file (eg. blah_app_node_modules_package_lib_something.js) in a UX file using a <JavaScript> tag. I also tried just requiring the package. No love though. Just shooting in the dark :slight_smile:

Obviously I’m a bit new around here so further examples or direction would be much appreciated. Thanks!

We have just worked out a way for npm to be able to depend on Uno packages without changing the UX code. We still have some work left, but you can expect this very soon.

Native NPM support would be perfect.

Any news on npm support?

Jesper: take a look here