Text sometimes doesn't render correctly

  • Fuse Version 1.2.1
  • Operating System macOS
  • problem only appeared on Android

Text sometimes doesn’t render correctly the following image will explain more. numbers should appear instead of squares

To be honest i don’t know if this bug caused by Font or by Fuse but it works correctly most of the time so i can’t say it’s caused by Font
Fuse Bug Here

Hi Mohammed.

Any chance you could get us a reproduction, as well as provide details on the exact Android device + OS version you’re testing on?

Sorry for delay

Actually myself i don’t know how to reproduce the problem here. as i said before it just happens and most of the times it does work.

If you want i can send on email or slack code with necessary font files and it’s on you to test until it happens

If you are able to, that would be great. Please provide a simple testcase that you know has glitched(Just in case), as well as the fonts.

You can send us files here: