Font type 'TTF' bug on local debugging.

My Device infomation : SM-N910S (Android OS V 5.1.1)

Fuse infomation : 0.9.9 Build 5742

My PC info : El capitan, 10.11.3 (MAC)

I’m experiencing a problem font type.

Work properly on Android debugging state. However, my computer does not properly output.

PC View: [X][X][X][X][X][X][X]

Mobile View: ‘텍스트 입력’

Hi, have you added a font to you app, or are you using the default one? The default fonts currently does not support all asian characters on desktop preview, even if it does on iOS and Android.

Until this issue is fixed, if you want the text to render correctly on your desktop preview, you can add you own font to the app: