Target Specific Devices

I know there are a few random UI issues out there that are “known” and will get fixed eventually, but this brings up a question.

Is there a way to target a specific device for UI customizations?

I saw this thread which show’s it’s possible to do some customizations for sure, but I don’t think this is device specific, right?


Are you looking for like a <IsCertainDevice> trigger where you would change layout inside or something? Afaik we don’t have that; we do have triggers for different screen sizes etc though, but I can’t remember what they were off the top of my head :slight_smile:

In any case it probably wouldn’t be a bad idea to add device id-specific triggers, something like <IsDevice Id="SomeDeviceId"> if it’s at all possible.

Yeah, basically.

I think that would be a great addition, and a good way to temporarily fix issues with UI or address instances where devices may never get support from the Fuse team. I don’t see this happening often, but there are about a zillion android phones, and I’m sure all of our target audiences are different. So if we feel the need to make a change for a “edge case” phone, we can, even if it’s not something that the Fuse team would really want/need to change.

I made a trigger which I think does what you want:

Love it @bolav! I’ll be trying that out very soon!