Stuck in 'Building project...' when opening a project


I got stuck when opening my project, i had this issue 2 times today.

Fuse version:
Fuse version 1.5.0 (build 15046)
Copyright © 2017 Fusetools

Windows 10 - 64bit

I think i do something with command ‘use clean’ before, and this happened to me.

Running uno clean means that the project needs to be rebuilt, and that can take some time. Depending on the hardware specs of your computer and the size/complexity of the project, that time can become quite long (we’ve seen more than 5 minutes build times occasionally).

Without further details, there’s not much else we can suggest.

Kennan – I experienced this same issue. Ultimately, I discovered I had incorrect formatting in my .unoproject file. Unfortunately, I received no errors other than the project hanging in building state. Once I ran uno clean, I discovered the formatting issue and repaired it. I was then able to successfully clean the project and it proceeded to build and operate properly.