Strange flash when pressed Androids "overview/app list" button

I’m noticing a strange behavior when I press the Android’s “overview” button (or app list/task manager/recent app button). This happens both with Preview on Android mode or with Export for Android. In both cases I used Fuse Designer to preview or export the app.

I do not have a specific code to post because it happens with all the apps I tested even with the official Fuse examples apps.

See below the GIF. You may notice that when the “overview” button is pressed, an instant before the list of the recent apps is displayed the home screen is shown for a fraction of a second.

I’m working with a Huawei Honor 7 (Android 6.0) EMUI 4.0.3. I do not have other devices to try with.

Windows 10 64bit Pro

Fuse 1.2.1 (build 13974)


I have the same thing in all applications. The problem is urgent.