Stop animation before easing out

How do I prevent this blur animation from reverting back again? "<"Clicked">" "<"Change">" Background.Radius="0" Duration="2""/>" "</"Clicked">"

I did try this : "<"ExitingAnimation">" "<"Set">" Background.Radius="0""/>" "</"ExitingAnimation>"

But it didnt work :stuck_out_tongue: Were I far off?

Set instead of Change should do the trick - but in your Clicked instead of in ExitingAnimation

Yea but I want it to animate the blur from 30-0, not jump directly to 0 :confused:

Can you describe when you’d like this transition effect and in which state it should “stick”? I might be able to give a good approach to doing it.

One generic option you have is to use WhileTrue trigger and turn them on/off from another trigger.

<WhileTrue ux:Name="AddRadius">
   <Change Background.Radius="0" Duration="2"/>

   <Set AddRadius.Value="true"/>

Thank you! That did the trick :smiley: