sqlite db integration, tutorial, support?

Is there any built-in support for sqlite (which I’ve been using for iOS and Android development in another development environment). I don’t see any Fusetools module or API for interacting with the mobile OS’s native database service. I’m new to Fusetools and just learning, so I’ll admit that I may have missed something. Any direction you can give me on how to use Fusetools to connect to, query, populate a sqlite database is much appreciated! Thank you in advance.

Hi ant, welcome to the community :slight_smile:

The most used library is the fuse-sqlite by bolav, it is well documented and tested in productions apps. Another slightly more different(and new!) approach you can find it here Fuse.ADM by cbaggers.

Thank you for your reply.
I’m having a lot of trouble with these options. I’ve attempted to install fusepm, but it results in many errors in the terminal and attempting to launch and build the bolav solution never completes.
I’m sure I’m missing an important step or piece of knowledge to get these solutions to work. I’ve looked for examples and other documentation without luck.
Honestly one of my basic concerns is that data persistence - database services - are a basic app need and should be part of the core features of fusetools. I mean no disrespect to the solutions you’ve listed, but I’m finding this frustrating! Again, thank you for your reply… my frustration is not with your reply, just with getting this to work.

@ant: here’s another option for you: sqljs

If you’re having issues installing fusepm or doing something else, please go ahead and make separate forum posts about those. Always include useful information, such as full error messages, step-by-step instructions to get where you are, OS and mobile target details etc. We’ll do our best to assist.