Local database

How to manage data with local database engine? sqlite, CoreData, Realm, and other engines.


We are evaluating several third party database engines for integration into Fuse. There is none shipping in the current version.

Thank you for your reply. I hope to manage data and queries for multiple mobile platforms in the same way.


I see this post is 3 months old. Is there SQLITE support in the current version?


There is still no official database support. I have made a proof of concept SQLite support and it’s availble here: https://github.com/bolav/fuse-sqlite

If you have any feature request just post them here, or as issues on the project.

Thanks. I think that’s a must have. The app I need to develope relies heavily on a local database (for both Android and iOS).

Is there any estimation to when official support will be avilable?

We are working hard on improving how we work with native libraries at the moment. So we need to get that right first before we do any more work on sqlite. So I actually don’t have an estimate to give you right now, but it is high up on the list of things that is coming soon.


Excuse me, with respect to thema

Do you have it Already, some support for the local database ?

We have not started on a official local DB yet. Have you tried the one Bjørn-Olav posted?


yes, I already wrote to him,

I’m waiting the answer

Thank you.

At the risk of overkill in my postings… I would also like local database support in the core of Fusetools features. I have not been able to get the bolav example to work. P.S. I really like what you’ve done with Fusetools and how it works. I don’t mean to be impatient, just anxious to use this tool, but can’t if there is no local database support in the core.