Some elements get corrupted on device but are perfect in local preview.


in a project the local preview (on PC) looks fine, on device some elements get corrupted. See attached screenshots. First one is ok (on PC), second is corrupted (on Android device).

Not sure, but I assume, it is due to the fact, that in .ux elements are added kind of dynamic, based on data provided via .js. As in .js there are time consuming tasks (put in setTimeout) I wonder, if that could be the reason. .js takes too long, .ux loads but has not all the data it needs?

Is there any option to let .ux wait until .js gives ok?

I am not allowed to share the project freely, so if someone from FUSE would like to look into this I need a mail.



This looks more like a known bug where some images (textures) are simply dropped/corrupted on Android. We have this ticket on file and are investigating it. I am attaching this thread to the ticket and we’ll get back to you here when we have any news.

I don’t think this has anything to do with JS being async.