Socket IO - design and implementation questions

I’m working on my first realtime application and have been researching Socket IO for implement the functionality on the backend. I am not sure if my current understanding is correct in terms of how to implement my requirements with Socket IO, so I am hoping to get some feedback if I am going in the wrong direction.

My applications user flow is as follows:

  1. A user sets up an organization account, which is kind of like a super admin or billing account.

  2. That organization account invites users who will be related to that organization.

  3. The related users will all received messages and updates from the organization on a main feed page.

  4. The organization users will be able to kick off private chat rooms with other users in the organization.

  5. Each organization is a unique identity and needs the above functionality of its own.

From my current understanding of how Socket IO works I will need to use namespaces for identifying different organizations and rooms within each namespace for private chat rooms.

Am I on the correct path with this or am I way off? I would hate to waste a ton of time designing my backend around this idea to find out later this is not the correct way or that there is a better way.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated as always. Thank you.

Hi Aaron,

your question is more about general backend architecture and Socket IO implementation, rather than directly related to Fuse, so there’s not much advice we can give you on that.

I suggest you look online for similar solutions, or study Socket IO docs.