Slider not respecting values on first draw

And example demostrates best. Click the Button on this example three times to demonstrate:

      var Observable = require("FuseJS/Observable");
      var max_pos = Observable(10000);
      var pos = Observable(2000);
      var show = Observable(false);

      function clicked (data) {
          show.value = !show.value;

      module.exports = {
          pos: pos,
          max_pos: max_pos,
          show: show,
          clicked: clicked
        <Text Value="{pos}" />
        <Text Value="{max_pos}" />
        <WhileTrue Value="{show}">
            <Slider Value="{pos}" Minimum="0" Maximum="{max_pos}" />
        <Button Text="Click ME!" Clicked="{clicked}" />

Try removing data from the function no parameters are being called so idk why you have that in there. Also just try setting it equal to true, I don’t know if !show.value equates to true; but I think the main issue is the data parameter