Slider initialises in wrong position when Minimum or Maximum properties are used

There appear to be a few scenarios where the slider initialises in the wrong position for it’s value.

In particular this seems to be in conjunction with the use of bound properties.

For example, see the following:

		var Observable = require("FuseJS/Observable");
		var Max = Observable(100);

		module.exports = {
			Max: Max

	<Panel ux:Class="Test">
		<float ux:Property="Max" />
		<Slider Minimum="0" Maximum="{Property Max}" Value="50" />

	<Test Max="{Max}" />

In the above the Minimum is set to 0, Maximum 100 and Value 50. So the slider should appear in the central, 50% position; However it instead appears at the far-left 0% position.

When Text and other classes are bound to the same property that drives the Sliders value you can see the value is correct (until the slider is interacted with). It is simply that the control is displayed in the wrong position.

When the Slider.Maximum is set directly via a literal value this bug goes away.