Sketch import error: This file cannot be imported by Fuse

I’m trying to import a Sketch file and I get this error:

fuse: This file can not be imported by Fuse

I’m using fuse, sketchtool 3.4 (375), and the sketch file is from Sketch 3.4.3 (16044).

If I use sketchtool dump, it outputs what appears to be valid JSON. I don’t see any errors in the output.

This is an issue with the fuse import command. The Importing Assets section of the Getting Started guide says to use the command line option --app first, but it seems I have to specify the sketch file first in order for my import to work.

In other words, this works:

fuse import MyDesign.sketch --app MyDesign.ux

and this doesn’t work:

fuse import --app MyDesign.ux MyDesign.sketch

Thank you for your post here, and your explenation on Slack. Internal issue raised.

The documentation in Learn has been updated to reflect how this work. We will see if we will support any order of the parameters, or if the import file needs to be first.