Silent mode on iPhone


So I have this video,

<Video Dock="Fill" File="fuse_video.mp4" IsLooping="true" StretchMode="UniformToFill" />

everything works fine but the audio is still playing even though the phone is in silent mode,
is there a way to avoid this? I don’t want any sound if the user mutes his phone. in iPhone, is the small switch on the left.

Sounds like a bug to me!

Thanks for reporting, I have raised an issue for this :slight_smile:

Hello. This is still happening (0.29). Any news or is it just not that important at the moment? :slight_smile:

Other things have had higher priority, so there’s no update on this yet.

Hello, just wanted to add. PlaySound does not sound if the Phone is silent (which is expected) however if you have both PlaySound and Video none of them cares about the silent mode. Small repo case: If testing using the preview on iOS you have force quit the app when removing the video.

	<StackPanel Margin="20">
        <Button Margin="10" Text="Test Sound">
                <PlaySound File="click.wav" />
		<Video File="click.wav" ux:Name="t" />
		<Button Margin="10" Text="Test Video">
				<Resume Target="t" />